I have been through shit and back. My life has done nothing but kills me inside recently. The loneliness has taken over me. The Anxiety. The Depression. The Eating. Everything.

There has been something good out of all this though. I have hit the 100 milestones. 100 days. It has been 100 days of me being Self Harm clean.

Through all this shit that my life has thrown at me, I have come out stronger more than I ever thought I ever could. I have only ever dreamed of this day for 4 years now, and I could not even be happier with myself. I have been so close to relapsing, to the point I made myself bed bound, but I pulled through it. Me. I did it.

Yes, I have support all around me, but if I wanted to relapse I would of. I built resilience, and I held strong. I haven’t hit rock bottom yet, I know I haven’t. But fucking hell will I try my best to not relapse.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

Happy Anniversary

Hello Everyone!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! It has been 1 whole year since I started this blog, and look where we are now!

We have come a long way on this blog, and I could have not done it without the support of any of you guys. The support you have given me has been incredible, more than what I could have wished for. I have gained 40+ followers, and each one of you guys makes me feel less lonely.

My next post will just be an update, welcoming you back to my ever so slightly manic life. It will be a bit of a longer one, but will hopefully give you an insight into my life, and what it is like for me with Mental Health.

Thank you all for sticking around and we will always welcome new people to this family of ours. Love you all lots!

~Monsters Living In My Mind~


Hello Everyone!

We all have moments in our lives that time just stands still. I would like to share a few with you.

17021725_965219943609978_1015581232286037640_n.jpg Tuesday 8th May 2012 – Zane Myan Wills came apart of our family

14224781_860135254118448_5141912494308692120_nThursday 9th September 2016 – Got my first tattoo in memory of Treas

15439754_920520398079933_7044405312095427457_n Friday 25th February 2016 – Started speaking to Rhys

16997919_965224243609548_8650706185323464685_n.jpg Friday 30th May 2014 – Saw Little Mix live for the 3rd and last time

My point is with all of this, we all have downs in life, some more than others, but through all of it, it is important to look back and see the good points.

Yeah, my life has not been easy for the past few years, but hell has I still made some amazing moments. I would say I wouldn’t change a thing, but then I would be lying, as preferably living without Mental Health problems is preferable, but hey ho, I’m still here!

Cherish the good moments in life, because sometimes they are few and far between.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~