We are told to be strong for ourselves. That the Mentally Ill are the strongest people in the world. I’m not saying we are not either, as what we face takes courage. I’ve always wondered though; as strong as people tell us we may be, that doesn’t mean we are strong all the time.

I’ve had someone say to me ‘You must be immune to anything bad happening to you, as your brain is horrible to you everyday’ I get where they are coming from, they are trying to say that nothing should phase me anymore and those bad things are just apart of my everyday life. I get that, but at the same time, that doesn’t make certain situations any easier for me. Just because I’m used to bad things happening’ doesn’t mean I’m strong enough to hold myself together all the time.

As kids, we are given the misconception that we should be strong for one another. That we shouldn’t show any sadness we feel as that will bring others down. However, that feeling builds up inside of us. That feeling of strength that used to be in us slowly fades into nothing. You can be as strong as you like to others, but if you’re not strong in yourself then that strength won’t come through.

Strength comes in different forms though. Strength to me could mean something completely different to you. Strength to me means opening up to someone, admitting that you aren’t coping as well as people think you are. Strength to me means being able to say ‘no’ to something without the feeling of guilt that you are letting people down. Strength to me means that you are building yourself up to help yourself out first, before putting someone else in front of your needs. What I think strength is though could mean something completely different to you.

We look at those who we think are strong because they got a smile across their face, they are laughing and helping others out. They may not be as strong as we all first thought though, and sometimes we all need a little helping hand. Always keep that in mind.


2 thoughts on “Strong

  1. Nattalie Johnson says:

    I really liked your blog about Finn, I thought it was really heartfelt even though you didn’t know him, and neither do I. Just saw the post on Twitter about his disappearance and looked further online only to see the sad truth, he hasn’t been found.

    Whoever you are, keep telling us your story.

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