Well was that not a good Blogmas?!

Yeah… I’m sorry. College went a little, how do I put this politely, fucked. Family went a little, how do I put this politely, fucked. You catching my drift? Life became a little fucked.

In one month I discovered that my Mum cannot cope too well with my Mental Disorders, my friends aren’t true friends, that you cant make jokes like every other human does, and the world can be a pretty fucked up place. Oh and how much I can cry and have mental breakdowns in a day is improving, almost every 2 hours is about the record I think.

In simple terms- A) My mum saw some of my Self Harm cuts and freaked out and won’t speak about anything like this anymore. B) My friends think that by talking to my deputy’s head about me, instead of talking to me about me, is a better way to solve solutions. Also, I can no longer speak to them about my personal health as it puts to much strain on them, but they can talk to me all the time about their problems. C) **Links to B** apparently by saying phrases such as ‘I need like 20 paracetamol, my head is killing me’ is now considered a suicide phrase. Along with ‘My mum is going to kill me for failing that test’, ‘This work is killing me slowly’ and my favourite ‘If I jump from this window, do you think I have to do the test?’ D) This world apparently can’t deal with people having bad Mental Health, and therefore ignore everything to do with it. E) I’m probably crying too much.

So yeah, that’s a nice little update for you all. What a happy, festive post for you all to read. I’m sorry, just a lot going on and not having much support around me is kind of showing right now.


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