Her (Long Post)

I met this girl. A girl who I thought was an okay person, someone I never really talked to, someone I would smile at in the corridoor but never really had any other encounters with. We never spoke, we just had nothing to talk about. So how come am I writing about this girl? How can someone who you know so little of cause such an impact in your life? Let’s go back about a year ago, when I was in Year 13, and she was in Year 10.

We caught the same bus as each other, and what we soon realised to be, your Dad was the driver of this bus. I wont lie, it annoyed me how she got special treatment on that bus. The fact that no one could go in her seat or that you got picked up right outside her house and, even if she were running 5 minutes late, he would wait. At the last stop on the route before we arrived at college, she would get off the bus and go get him a pasty, making us late to our lessons. This annoyed me yes, but what came next makes my blood boil. So myself and group of friends made a complaint against this, as we thought this was unfair treatment. To this day, I will stand by what I done. The next few days, her dad was no longer the driver, we had a complete new one. She still caught the bus, but always got on with hestiation. Everything seems pretty calm right now.. but then did shit hit the fan.

We werer sat at the back of the bus talking about wedding cakes, while she sat at the front. I want to repeat this. WEDDING CAKES. Then all of a sudden she is yelling down the phone, naming us one by one to who we later found out was her Dad. ‘Yeah Dad, those ring leaders *insert name here*, *another name* and Chelsea Vidler. Holly shit. What the hell have I done?! So, casually, im starting to panic. She is saying we are slagging her off and calling her names and bullying her. Again WEDDING CAKES!!! So Im now in a high state of Anxiety, and as the bus pulls in at college, I step off, gaining a few deep breaths and walk on with my mates.

I took no more than 10 steps when I here a big ‘HEY!’ in the distance. Naturally, I turn to the voice, to find her dad. A tall, quite big and chunky bloke marching over towards us. Heart racing, feeling increadibly faint I just duck my head and keep walking. ‘YOU FUCKHEADS BETTER WATCH YOUR FUCKING BACKS! HOW DARE YOU INSULT AND BULLY MY DAUGHTER?’ We all carried on walking, accept me. I stood there, in absoulte fear, quite honestly shitting myself that Im about to be dead. ‘IM GUNNA GAUGE YOUR FUCKING EYES OUT OF YOUR HEAD YOU BASTARDS’ They call this the Fight, Flight or Freeze mechanism in your body. I would refer to it as Chelsea crapped herself and stood there crying her eyes out, unable to breathe and any second going to throw up because a bloke doubles her size has just threatned her.

Skip forward now to present day. 19th Novemeber 2017. She is in my house with my brother which I have just found out to be dating. Yes, I probably should have let go of this a long time ago, but I cant. She is now sitting in this home of mine, making me feel threatned by her prescence in a place that Im meant to feel happy and content in. Sitting there, eating burnt pizza because my brother forgot to check on it, cuddling up to him watching TV. While im in here, writing this, crying my eyes out because I dont want her in my life again. I want my brother to be happy, of course, I do, so Im just going to shut my mouth. Let him decide whats best for him, as it’s his life.

That doesnt make my feelings, nor memories invalid though. I still hurt.


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