Personality Test

You know you can get the tests on Facebook that tell you about your personality? I clicked on the link, it analyzed my profile and here is the result –

If anyone could make broken look beautiful, then it’s her. Her strength is what keeps her going. She has a hurricane of chaos around her, but she is so damn passionate that she handles it. She loves life with all her heart and it loves her right back. She knows what she likes and how to live her life. Surrounding herself with great friends and wonderful family is what she loves doing. There is no time for liars, troublemakers and general negativity in her life. She does things her way!

For the first time ever, Facebook got some of this right. My strength is what keeps me going, I do have a hurricane of chaos around me but am passionate about what I do to handle it. I love surrounding myself with friends and family, and I don’t have time for liars or anything of that sort.

I don’t make broken look beautiful though. That line kinda shook something inside of me, because broken is not beautiful. Its ugly and horrible, and being broken is not something that is all nice. As a society, we have made the stereotype that being unreliable and broken is cute. It’s not.

I don’t love life, it’s hard right now. My life is falling apart all around me, but somehow I’m still breathing. I’m coping with life, and maybe one day I will love it, but not yet. I’m still finding my way around this place.


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