Pill Shaming

We need to stop shaming people who take tablets to help there Mental Health. You wouldn’t mock someone for taking a tablet because of their physical health, would you? If someone has asthma, you wouldn’t say that they don’t need an inhaler, so why would we mock someone for taking anti-depressants to help them get better?

I have and still am being pill shamed every day of my life. My brother ridicules me for taking medication to help me feel better. He constantly tells me that man-made drugs are shit and they get you hooked on them to pay more and more to the government. My brother hates me for taking pills because he cant see nothing wrong with me so he thinks it nothing. We constantly get in conflicts over this as he wants me to come off them. Why should I come off something that is helping me get better?

I don’t like taking tablets. Why would I like pumping drugs and chemicals in my system that change chemicals and functioning of my brain? It’s not a fun experience to go through. That’s something a Doctor won’t tell you either, how dependent you can become on your tablets and how much of a lifeline they can be with you. If I forget to take mine one morning, I can feel the effects. My body is freaking out, craving them again. That’s bad, I know that’s bad. For now, though, its what I will go through to get myself steady and stable.

Understand me please, understand why I take what I do.



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