I’m laying on the bathroom floor, emotionless, and losing all sense of my way.

How did you get like this Chelsea? Well, this is a good question and one that I’m not entirely sure I even know the answer to just yet. But for some reason this bathroom floor is comforting me, it’s making me feel safe and protected. Before writing this, for 10 minutes I just laid there crying for no reason, but yet, I didn’t feel stupid nor weak. I felt okay afterward.

Normally when I cry, I get mad at myself for losing my shit and tend to relapse into self-harm. For the first time, I didn’t though. I just laid there afterward thinking and feeling more relieved, like that cry actually helped me.

I will be back blogging properly soon, but shit has been going down in my life and I can’t really pick it up at the moment. Bare with me x

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