**All comments expressed are just my opinions and what I think. Not wanting to start an argument, just stating what I think**

Let us be honest, the healthcare system in the UK is pretty crap. You know what is not crap though? That we get it for free. We slam our NHS to the ground, I included, but we are all forgetting that the healthcare we are provided with by these amazing doctors and nurses is done for free.

Yes, I know it sucks when you have been in a waiting room for 3+ hours waiting to see someone for all of 10 minutes of their time to be told your fine. Yes, they make pretty big fuck up’s every so often when caring for a patient. With all due respect, they work 12-hour shifts with hardly no breaks, they have one of the hardest jobs in this world, caring for someone’s life, and what do they get out of it? A shit pay with morning people. If you were working 12 hours a day, would you not make any mistakes? Yes, you can’t put prices on peoples lives but maybe we all need to understand that the NHS is under a massive strain, and going to A&E with a cough and the sniffles is not going to help their struggle.

I am not saying I don’t moan about this, I constantly do, but maybe if we just took a minute to evaluate the situation at hand, we wouldn’t be in this shit storm of a mess. Averagely a month, I spend £43.50 on my medication alone. My bank is broke as anything, but I choose to carry on broke because without my tablets I would be worse off, and using more facilities from the NHS.

I did a little bit of researching around. Say on average I saw my doctor 20 times this year, I have just cost the NHS £1854. For an ECG & CBT treatment, I just cost them £210. For each blood test that I have, it will cost around £50 each time to get it taken, sent off looked at, and results sent back. I have blood tests every month.

Holy shite. Look at that. I am costing them so much. So why the hell am I complaining about spending £43.50 a month compared to how much I cost the NHS to keep me well and healthy. I’m not saying that the NHS doesn’t have issues, I’m just saying maybe we need to have a little bit more respect for them.


5 thoughts on “Hospital

  1. Ivy says:

    Wait, you get all this for free!? Like you don’t have to pay for doctor’s visits and blood tests and stuff!? (sorry I just have no idea about this!)


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