It’s all in your head!

How many times have you heard that? That these mental illnesses are in your head? That by just thinking positively you can change the way you act and think? But we all know that this is not the case, in fact, it is far from it.

Unless you go through a Mental Health issue, then you won’t know how any of this feels, and you certainly won’t understand how by Just Smiling won’t cure Depression. If I’m honest, I’m sick of this. Having people tell me to my face that it’s all in my brain, and if by thinking of cute kittens doesn’t work, going to take a jog outside. I love kittens, but they won’t cure my Disassociation and going for a jog outside won’t help me get through my Eating Disorder. You have to understand that some people need specialist help.

I saw my dentist the other week, lovely lady she was who really took her time and patience with me. When having an X-Ray of my tooth done, my Anxiety hit sky high for some reason, and I slowly started to silently cry. While doing this, her assistant was telling me to just do deep breaths, and concentrate on her voice. They honestly helped me get through this. At the end of the appointment though, she said something that made me instantly annoyed at her though. She helped me throughout this whole appointment, and her assistant was amazing, but by saying these words, it hit a raw nerve. Its all in your head Chelsea, just remember that.

And let me clear something up about this, YES I KNOW ITS IN MY HEAD, ITS CALLED A MENTAL ILLNESS!!! You can tell me as many times as you like that it’s in my head, it’s not going to make a single bit of difference. I wish you could see it, man I do, because then maybe I wouldn’t feel like I’m going crazy. Just because it’s in my head though, doesn’t make it any less real, and everyone should respect this.

We need to start taking Mental Illness as serious as Physical ones as well.


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