I am only a human. I still have feelings just like you. I’m not a toy that you can mess around with, and play when you want with to chuck aside when you’re bored with. You think that I’m just doing this all for attention, and do you know what? I wish I fucking was because hell, it would make my life bearable to live with and I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit every single day.

I have a heart, one that wants love, just like yours does. So why am I less deserving of love because I got these labels to me? Why can’t I be loved because I have an Anxiety Disorder? Why can’t I be loved because I Self Harm? Tell me that. With love in my life, and knowing I wanted would make a whole lot of difference to this life of mine.

I have a brain, on that learns new things every day, just like yours does. So tell me why you speak down and little of me, telling me I’m worthless, and a piece of shit? I wake up every morning with the feeling of shit on me already, let alone you adding more into my life. I don’t like who I am, I don’t want to be here, but funnily enough, I walk through life still smiling when someone calls me a waste of space.

I screw up way too much, I make choices in my life they won’t like, I take chances that others would say are foolish, but guess what? I’m human. I can’t please everyone in this world, no matter how hard I try. I take medication to help me through my days and keep me alive, some people would say that’s admirable of me, admitting I need help, others would say that ridiculous that I’m shoving chemicals into my body that I don’t know what could happen to me. I choose to take my tablets, you don’t own me. You never have, and you never will.

So do me a little favour.. back the fuck off me. I’m only human.


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