Tattoos tell a story I think, about what someone has been through or how they are feeling inside. I have 3 tattoos, I have Treas’ wings on my back, an arrow with symbols on my foot, and a semicolon on my wrist. I decided to tell you the story of how I came to the decision of wanting these tattoos, and what they mean to me.

My 1st tattoo, angel wings with my grandmother’s nickname underneath 14224781_860135254118448_5141912494308692120_nit. 7 years ago, this world lost the most caring human that I ever knew. She gained her wings, and there is not a day that does not go by where I do not miss her. I wanted to tattoo her on me to remind me that she is always with me, maybe not in person, but definitely in heart and mind.


My second tattoo is an arrow on my foot. My artist designed the arrow and added in my symbols for me, which read Fall down 7 times, Stand up 8 meaning that no matter how many times that you fall down, you must get up again and try. From dealing with all this, it would be so easy for me to give up on myself but this tattoo and quote reminds me that I got to carry on and fight this.


Lastly, my semi-colon tattoo. The movement My story is not over has a lot of meaning to me. From self-harming to overdosing, and suicidal thoughts, this tattoo means so much to me. The pretty design above it is to show that even when things get dark, and you think there is no hope, something beautiful can still happen. I like the thought of this.





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