Lifes just been a bit up and down recently, and I did the stupid thing of forgetting to take my medication down Rhys’ so am currently on the withdrawing side of this, and overdosing to numb the pain is so tempting, but I know I’m stronger than this urge. It is taking all my energy, to the point where moving a muscle hurts and laying in bed is what I have been doing. This will for sure make me remember to take my medication no matter where I go!

Also with my medication changing around, I became very addicted to my old medication so had to face myself withdrawing from that, and then becoming very dependent on this new medication and forgetting to bring it with me meant I was basically a quivering wreck for a good 3 days. But things are getting back now. It might have taken a while, but I am getting there.

Apologies for not posting, but with this all going on and family troubles hitting home recently, things had to take a back seat for a bit. If however, you are interested, I now have an instagram! My name on it is MonstersLivingInMyMind that I post quite regularly on, so come and join the depressing fun of my life!

Love to you all x

~Monsters Living In My Mind ~

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