Life Update

Well, where do I even begin?! So much has happened since we had a proper catch-up. If you follow the blog then you would have read some of the things that have been happening, but I thought I would shove it all into one post with other pieces of news!

Sadly I lost my friend Tom to suicide a month back now and found out that my Auntie did not pass on from natural causes, she too took her own life. Last week my friend attempted suicide. Luckily she is still here with us but makes it none the easier. Due to all this, I have had to up the dosage of my medication as my own suicidal thoughts and feelings were coming back, and I was at high risk of self-harm. I am, however, pleased to say that I am still clean, and have recently hit my target of 100+ days! The big proud moment for me!

Slightly TMI for some of you, but had to change my contraception method as it was interfering with my medication, so am currently on a 50+ day period which has been fun times. Why is my body punishing me for not wanting to get pregnant?! Jeez, I can’t look after myself, let alone a small human highly depending on me.


18671069_1022259121239393_9073489086420610101_nFollowing on quite nicely from that though, the family has welcomed in our latest addition. A little girl called Frankie J Wills. She has kept me sane and going for all this time, just knowing that if I did anything stupid, I might be risking this little girl growing up without a cousin, and knowing I won’t be able to see her grow and develop hurts even more. I do have to say though, she is just so gosh darn cute!!


I have graduated from college, and there will be a whole blog post on that, along with a blog post about myself and Rhys, and how the relationship is going (its great by the way!) but yes. That is all for today, and I hope you are all keeping well. I’m always here if you need me.

Chelsea x

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