Happy Pills

I take medication, a total of 8 tablets in a day. Many people take more, many people take less. I just want to clear something up though, about my medication, they are not happy pills. They are not magical things that will cure my Mental Health problems, they don’t make my depression just disappear. They help balance out the chemicals in my brain, they help me feel normal again, they help the voices in my head calm down.

My medication saves my life. It saves me every single day. I have to take them every single day. Do you know what the worst thing is though? I’m addicted to them. I have tried many of times to come of them, and I can’t do it. I withdraw from them, my heart starts to race, I start sweating, my irritability goes sky high, and let’s not forget about the Anxiety & Panic Attacks. Don’t forget that.

I’m not weak for taking medication, I’m weak without my medication. My tablets help make me stronger, more capable of managing my life, without them, I would collapse. Both mentally and physically collapse. What is weak though, is taking the mickey out of someone who takes medication to help control these conditions.

I have been 3 different anti-depressants, and I now have only found my right one. They are not just all happy pills, some of them made me worse. A lot worse. Now I’m stable, but for how long? Maybe this is my long term tablet, the one which will help me, but it’s not my happy pill. It doesn’t make me feel on top of the world, but it sure does help me get through my bad days, nights, weeks, months.

I don’t take happy pills, I take pills that save my life.


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