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Breaking News: It is possible to pay for mental health counselling privately if you save hard enough – Katie Hopkins 2017

Normally I would not give this lady my time or breath, as I do not agree with the way she shares her thoughts and opinions. This though. This one caught me off guard. Took me by surprise. Maybe it’s because this one relates to me. Maybe it’s because I feel passionate about it. But I feel like I need to share what I think about this.

I was first diagnosed with Anxiety at 14. I started Self Harming at 15. Then came along the Depression, Binging & Vomiting, and Disacositating from the world. My world can never be normal again, not even with counselling. But counselling helps. It helps me realise that I am more than my diagnosis, that I can still live a life alongside these problems.

Without counselling, my life would be shit. I don’t even think I would be here today if it to be honest. Counselling has literally saved my life and I’m lucky that I get these services that I attend for free. However, if these services were not available to me, and my only option was to pay, **Excuse my language* but fuck me would I not be here today. I’m sorry to say that, but I’m not made of money. At 14, my pocket money would not even pay for one session of counselling. Now, I wouldn’t be able to pay for one session because I work my ass off to make sure that my family never go without anything they want.

I’m sorry Katie, but this time, you got it wrong.


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