Another One

That’s the next one. The next suicide has happened. This one was a few years back now though. Auntie Caz, we thought you died due to heart problems, that’s what the family told us. They lied to us. You died from suicide.

I only found this out a week ago. You died over 5 years ago. That hurts, knowing that everyone kept a secret from us, from me. I know you did it for the best, but why didn’t you tell me sooner. You knew I missed her so much, and my love for her was strong.

I feel like I can only now start giving your lose. I never really had the chance, I was only young when you went, I never knew what death really was. As I grew up, I just kind of accepted it, no need to grieve. But then this all came back up again, and we found out the truth. Now I feel like I lost someone else all over again. To think that someone in my family lost my fight, makes thoughts go around my head that can I really do this. Aunt Caz was so strong and a warrior and she lost her fight, how can I even start to make mine.

I hope you understand why I have been quiet for a while. I will be making my come back, just back to baby steps I go again.


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