Speaking Out

Celebrities are coming out about their Mental Health struggles. Prince William & Harry have set up a Mental Health campaign. And I should be happy for this. I am happy for this. Mental Health is finally getting the awareness and correct publicity it deserves, who could want more?!

It’s the fact that we have had to get celebrities to speak out about their Mental Illnesses, and the Royal Family to start a campaign to finally bring it some attention. And I know what I sound like, moaning about bringing publicity to something that I suffer from every day, but its hard for me to accept that famous people are having to bare all worldwide to help bring a voice to Mentally Ill people.

And maybe this is just me. Maybe it’s me overthinking and analysing this whole situation a little too much. Yes, I am probably being quite cynical about this as well, and sounding like that we should not speak out about Mental Health. I am in no way saying that, all I am saying is that we have had to get people like Prince Harry to speak on national TV to his brother & wife about how he felt when his mother died, to get people to start going ‘Yes, we need to take this seriously’ That’s what is annoying me.

Only now are people beginning to take us seriously, and I could not be happier because finally, I get my voice heard, I don’t get to feel like an idiot or worthless compared to others because of what I go through. And that’s why I am grateful and so thankful for every single person, famous or not, who has spoken out about their Mental State. It should have not come to this, but I want to thank you because you have more guts than me. I hide behind a computer screen, showing pictures once in a while of myself, I could never do what you do.

Maybe this will help bring more awareness around Mental Health & end the stigma. Maybe it won’t.


3 thoughts on “Speaking Out

  1. paralleldichotomy says:

    Definitely valid feelings. In a way, I feel like we are still not having our voices heard. I don’t want to be overly cynical, either, but think about it. If a celebrity dies of a drug overdose or goes into addiction rehab, by and large, people express sadness that the person has “struggled so much” or praises them for “getting the help they need”, but what’s the societal attitude when a non-famous person dies of an overdose? I’ve seen an awful lot of comments like “good, one less junkie piece of shit off the streets.” And if a “normal” person needs rehab for addiction, people usually stigmatize that, too. I feel like Mental Health is in a similar position. When celebrities speak up or get help, everyone is “on board”, but when it’s you or me, stigma is still incredibly prevalent. It’s frustrating.


  2. how to make money says:

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