Hello Everyone!

A binge is an episode of excessive eating or drinking. People who binge eat very large quantities of food over a short period of time, even when they’re not hungry.

I have been reading a lot about binging, and one statement I have found comes up quite a lot. ‘People who binge eat are usually overweight’. I would like to now speak out for myself and say that I am not overweight, I am in the correct weight zone. Yes, I fluctuate a lot between being ideal weight and underweight, but not once have I been overweight. I have been binging for about 3 years now.

I binge on everything and anything, and then I will starve myself from being ashamed of what I have done. I can starve myself for a day, with only drinking water as my main source of energy. Which I am well aware is very bad for me, but that’s how I gain control of myself.

I only have control over certain things in my life, and by starving myself is one of these ways. I know people think this is stupid, and yes your correct it is, but my brain is not like yours. No one is like anyone. We all have our own ways of life, and this is my way. Not the best way admittedly, but still my way.

My name is Chelsea, and I am a Binge Eater.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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