Bad Again

Hello Everyone!

How can you tell it is getting bad again? This is how I tell.

I sleep too much. I can get to sleep at 9.30pm, and wake up at 10 am and still be tried. I can take naps during the day, and still get a full night of sleep. My brain is exhausted, it is so hard to let it rest when all I do is overthink.

I space out a lot, daydream about everything and anything. I don’t remember what I was doing before, and I am constantly in a daze. It’s like my mind is not with me, it’s gone to its own world.

I tend to ramble on a lot. I speak a lot, about anything that has happened in my day. It could be from what I ate for breakfast or a joke that I found funny, to just plain old talking about nonsense. Kind of like what I am doing now in some ways.

These aren’t all the ways, just some of them. And it can affect people in any shape or form. Recognising how you know it is getting worse is a key point, as know you can make a change. It’s not easy, I still can’t do it myself. But I’m trying. I’m trying every day but it’s still there. And I got to learn how to manage this.

It will come in time. It might take its time, but it will come.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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