Physical VS Mental

Hello Everyone!

I got faced with a statement the other day, and it took me back. They said ‘Physical health is more important than Mental Health.’ If I could have screamed and shouted at them I would have, as for how dare you to say that. For someone who has been a longtime sufferer of Mental Health, you just said the completely wrong thing.

My Mental Health is just as important as my physical health. Doing some research, around 3,000 people a DAY die from suicide, and working it out, that would be 1,095,000 a year if it was exactly 3,000 a day. If that’s not serious enough to take some action, then I really don’t know what is.

I find it ridiculous that people still think that Mental Health is nothing to worry about, and that it all just a phase. In my personal experiences, a phase in my case lasts around a month. Now I appreciate this is different for everyone, but this is just for me. SO this Mental Health phase has been going on for around almost 5 years soon. Don’t think I really can call that a phase can I?

For someone who struggled for over 3 years of this alone, because she was too scared to let anyone know, I’m putting it pretty high up on the scale that Mental Health should be taken just as seriously as physical. But hey, if this is just a phase, then let’s hope it comes to an end soon.

I just wish my Mental Health could be taken seriously once in a while.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~


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