Hello Everyone!

I dream of the day when this is all over. The days when I lay in bed, the self-harm, the binging and vomiting, and them suicidal thoughts.

I sit in my bed, wishing and hoping this is all just a dream. That deep inside, I’m not like this, I’m not the mucked up child that everyone takes me for. I am a human, I want to feel human, is that wrong? Is it wrong that I just want to feel okay?

We dream to our wildest imaginations. When I was little, all I dreamt about was becoming a princess, living in a castle, with everyone around me that I loved. I now dream that this is all fake. My mental illnesses are just a dream, that tomorrow I will wake up, like that day when I was 5 dreaming about that castle. But that will never happen.

This is my reality. I suffer every day with this. There’s no going back now. I’m on a one-way road.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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