Hello Everyone!

We have mountains in our lives, both physically and mentally. With these mountains, we have to climb them to see the beautiful view.

Yesterday I climbed a physical mountain. I had to use all my strength and willpower to get me to the top. It was hard, I had to take breaks, take a few minutes to breathe, but I worked through the pain in my legs, the heart beating in my throat making me struggle to breathe, and the amount of energy it drained from me.

When at the top, I and Rhys were talking. Chatting about life, and how things have changed recently. We have been together for 6 months now, and in that short time, so many things have happened. Not just between us, just in general life.

I got hit by a mountain the other day. A mental mountain. I hit a place that made me want to relapse again. For those of you who don’t know, I Self Harm and have been struggling for a few years now with this. These last few months I have not been able to stop myself, I just give in as I find it’s not worth the fight.  I climbed this mountain and was so close to the top. I had to take breathers and breaks but never slipped up. But that day, giving up seemed easier than making it to the top. I am pleased to say that I got to the top. I’m 2 weeks clean.

We all get hit with these mental mountains, and yes, sometimes we will slip up and fall back down. Sometimes we need to take breaks. But once you get to that goal, to the top, there will be no other feeling like it.

Keep climbing, as the view is worth it.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~


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