Hello Everyone!

I take medication to help treat my illnesses, but that does not mean I’m cured. It’s not something as easy as physical health where you can see what the problem is, and know what medication to be given. It’s something that you have to trial and error over. Go through many processes to find the right one. I’m still hunting for mine.

I have been on Propranolol, Citalopram & Sertraline. I am now on Duloxetine, along with Diazepam when needed. They get referenced as ‘Happy Pills’ far too often, and that is annoying. Just because I take some pills, does not mean I’ll be on my A-Game, on top form or anything like that.

When I am having a bad day, don’t just assume that I have come off my tablets. I’m still allowed to have down days, everyone gets them. You can’t just be given medication and BAM your fine again. Although if it were to work like that, it would make my life a lot easier!

My tablets help save me every day, so please don’t look down on me for taking them.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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