It’s Not Real

Hello Everyone!

How can something be real if you can’t see it? If someone has asthma, you’re not going to take away their inhaler and then tell them to go on a run, because they physically can’t. It’s like saying to a person who has a broken leg to put a plaster over it and goes on a run, they physically can’t. So why would you tell someone with Mental Health problems to get over themselves? Because you can’t see it?

I’m sorry to put it this way, but this world is becoming so small minded it’s becoming a joke. I got asked the other day to prove that I was mentally ill. Are you kidding me? Yes hold on, yep, just going to, uh, remove my brain and show you, is that okay? Will that prove it to you? They say there arent physical or seeable symptoms of a Mental Illness. So why have I got scars on my body? I’m not hyperventilating in the corner for the fun of it. I’m growing weaker because I haven’t eaten anything, but that’s normal, is it? This is not fucking normal.

I’m not taking this anymore, if you think this is all fake, and that we only say we have got something mentally wrong with us for the fun of it, then you really do have a small mind. Go back to society pretending that life is great, but just remember one thing. While you carry on with your life, Ill be making scars on my body, suffering from panic attacks, crying myself to sleep, binging then vomiting, and thinking of ways to end my life.

Act like it’s not happening, because you clearly think it’s not real.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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