Hello Everyone!

‘Are you okay?’ ‘You seem upset, can I help at all?’ ‘How are you doing?’ all in that same patronising voice. The sweet little voice, the high pitched, soothing hand, and sympathetic face.

I know I shouldn’t complain about this, as it means people care, but I hear it far too much. They mean well by it, but to me, I feel 5 years old. When they ask these questions, you feel obligated to say ‘Yeah, I’m good thanks’, when internally your going ‘No, I have had 5 meltdowns, 2 panic attacks, and making my mind up on how to kill myself, but that’s about average’

People ask, but don’t want the real answer. They want the answer everyone else wants to hear. They want the answer of ‘Im fine’, but why when they ask that question and you reply saying that you need help is it that they say your attention seeking, but when you say your fine, they say they know you are lying. You can’t win.

Before you ask, make sure you speak to me like in any other person, not in a patronising voice,  and if you want to ask that question, expect an honest answer.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

3 thoughts on “Okay

  1. robyn foulks says:

    Ugh, ain’t that the truth. No one really wants to know how we’re REALLY doing. “How are you?” has turned into such a meaningless question these days. It’s sad.

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