Dear Self-Harm

Dear Self-Harm,

So, here we are again. We meet again, my good ol’ friend. You and me, we have a relationship like no other. One where I hate you, but then suddenly crave you, and then you leave marks on my body, ones which society judge me on.

I’m not proud of you, I’m sorry to say that. If truth is known, I would preferer if you were not in my life, but we are stuck with what we are given, and I got given you. We should be grateful for what we are given in life, and take what we are offered. I never wanted to take you, though, that’s the problem. You were forced upon me, like a needy puppy needing attention all the time. You crave my attention, and when I give it to you, you take revenge. You leave something on my body. Every single time.

I have asked numerous times for you to leave, and sometimes you do, you go on a little vacation, for a week, maybe even 2 if I’m lucky, but then you come back, make yourself at home, and start again. You even have the pleasure of meeting my other good friends, Anxiety, Depression and the rest of the gang! You lot have such a good party, you like controlling me, making me feel like shit, and leaving me to hang on my last thread.

If you ever do decide that you maybe want to leave, that would be quite nice. Ill even pack your suitcase for you, and make you a packed lunch, and make sure you stay safe. I just don’t want you anymore. I hope you understand.

Love, the person’s body you now control x

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