Hello Everyone!

Well, goodbye 2016, and let’s welcome in our good old friend 2017.

Happiness does not come easily to me, in fact, it’s pretty hard to find. Mum keeps saying that this year has been such a good year, but to me, it been the complete opposite. I don’t want to live in 2017 because I can’t face another year of what I have been through.

Doctors appointments, one after another, I could now class it as my second home, 3rd following closely by hospitals!

Aunt Myrtle was taken away from our family. I went to the funeral and saw my Aunt Alma, someone I have not seen for 6+ years. I used to think the world of her, and now, she is a distant memory, someone who doesn’t want to know me or be a part of my life.

I was on a CBT course for a while, found out it was not for me. Went through CAMHS, told I was right for the category and was better off for waiting till I was 18 for the adult services. And now, in with my CMHT and things seem to be going okay **Touches 20 pieces of wood!**

I found someone who finally understood me, Nurse. She never judged me, she helps me through dark times. Even when everything kicked off with the Dr’s surgery, she never gave up fighting. I got a boyfriend (RESULT!!), had Rhiannon stand by me through everything, lost a few friends throughout the year, but still standing.

2017, through your worst at me (plz don’t, im fragile)

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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