Hello Everyone!

Is anyone out there? To listen, to talk to, to help guide our way through this madness of what is called life?

“I have Mental Health problems” “No you don’t, your overexaggerating”

“I want to die” “Stop it, you’re just being silly”

Everytime. Every single time. We say we all help each other through rough times, yet no one is helping me through my rough time. Referral after referral for different opportunities, only to be told I don’t fit the criteria. ‘O well you haven’t wanted to kill yourself in the last week, so we can’t offer you nothing’ Woopie fucking do. I haven’t wanted to kill myself in the last week, and do you know why that is? Because I thought that I was finally going to get some help from you, guess not. I’ll just go back to my old ways.

I’m looking for someone, anyone, just to take my hand, and not even help me, just stand by my side when things get hard and give me the motivation I need to get through the day.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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