Anxiety & Depression

Hello Everyone!

I never chose to have Anxiety, nor did I with Depression, but I somehow landed with it on my plate. Anxiety doesn’t have times where it comes, it can be at any time or any place, and I can’t stop it from taking over. I don’t choose when or how it hits me.

Smile, smile, smile, its what I do best. A smile can hide a million emotions. Throughout the time I have mastered the perfect smile to make it seem like my life is fine, and that everything is all okay when in fact everything is falling apart in front of my eyes.

They all say relax, but I can’t. Take a bath, but then I’m left with my own thoughts. Read a book, but that’s too quiet for me. Listen to music, but then that’s too loud. Nothing can save me when I am with my own thoughts.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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