Hello Everyone!

So Facebook has launched the Year In Review, and I was reading an article on this, and it got me thinking. Yes, it might show my year, but it doesn’t show the truth.

It shows the time we went to Brighton, the time I went to Dublin, My 18th Birthday pictures, and all the great times I have shared with people. It doesn’t show the fight I have had, the depression that has taken over me, the nights were I cried myself to sleep, the binging, the vomiting and all the rest.

The pain that college is putting me through, being told I can’t see a person who has helped me through the bad times, the thoughts of overdosing, the thoughts of dying, the pain of the scars. No one sees that on Facebook, and do you know why? Because we don’t show that part of our lives.

No one wants to see the times where I’m struggling, the times when I’m relapsing, the times where I’m dying inside. They post things on Facebook like ‘If you need me, you can talk to me’ but we all know how much bullshit that is. I could message you, and you would just say it gets better.

Facebook in the review, showing only 10% of my life.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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