Train Thoughts

Hello Everyone!

I am writing this post while on a train, and am needing a distraction!

The date is Sunday 18th December and the time is 14.20. I’m sitting on my own, 3 seats all to myself, I should be grateful for this, but I am in need of company.

I spent the weekend with Rhys, and not having to hug, to talk, or have interaction with anyone is weird. My carriage is almost empty, only a few people on here. 

The sound of a screaming child is quite nice right now, it stops my brain from overworking. Leaving Rhys is always hard, but this time it was espically hard, as it’s Christmas and I won’t see him till after now. It’s the low after the high, and I can tell you I am feeling this low very hard!!

Time to get some sleep, before my train arrives in. 

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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