A Day In The Life

Hello Everyone!

Well, I thought I would give you a run down of one of my days. It’s not an average day, as I went down to see Rhys, but I took photos of the main points, and I will fill you in on the rest. So lets ago!

15421019_920520228079950_2948374169643361468_n.jpg7.00am ~ Waking up in the morning <<Im sorry!

7.30am ~ Get ready for placement.

  • Had a bowl of cereal.15439833_920520241413282_1624198138496399289_n

8.30am/3.00pm ~ Placement, where I got peed upon multiple times which was great fun!

  • Had a sandwich.15420910_920520258079947_4890593143095519045_n

3.00pm ~Walk into town and wait for the bus.

3.30pm ~ Had a lovely chat with a girl at the bus stop when a man came up to us and asked us when the next bus to London was. Bearing in mind I live in Cornwall, we both laughed quite hard!!

4.00pm ~ Bus journey (Where I had a panic attack as I felt like I could not breathe which was good fun!)

5.10pm ~ Arrived at the train station where I waited in the rain shivering my ass off!!15439754_920520398079933_7044405312095427457_n

5.20pm ~Train arrives (Thank fuck for that, swear I was getting frostbite!) And while on the train, I got a big wave of anxiety
y, so curled up on the seat and cried for a bit.

6.30pm ~ Arrived at Rhys house.15590163_920520378079935_6890523123485517580_n

7.00pm ~ Had Dominos pizza, felt guilty when and after eating it. Was tempted to self-induce, but resisted this urge.

8.00pm ~ Movie time, which was Jack Whitehall, and a funny TV show that forgotten the name of!

??.??pm ~ I lost track of time and went to bed!

This was a good day for me, I will do a bad day soon for you all, so you can compare.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~



Love you Rhys 😉


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