Hello Everyone!

I am very sorry I missed two days of Blogmas.

Truth be known, I was terminated from my position from my work experience. For the people who don’t know, I work with children, and I said the words Mental Health to the manager, and I was then red flagged up as a danger to children. Yes, I am totally going to kill every child in harm’s way. I know they are doing it to protect the children, but yet they never asked what was happening to me, what I was experiencing, they just jumped to conclusions.

My tutor did not try to even support me during this. She never helped stand up for me, she never tried to fight the case, she just laid back and watched me fail as I tried to fight this case that I had already lost from the beginning. Hurt does not cover how much it did hurt that I was left to fight this one on my own.

So on Tuesday 13th December 2016, I left my placement and cried my eyes out. My depression has come back in its full force. It’s not a case of I’m just upset its more a case of I have no purpose anymore because I made a stupid mistake, and now I feel like I have failed the children in my care by just leaving them, and it’s all my fault.

I’m not 100%, not even near that yet, but Blogmas must go on, and I just needed a little break to just gather my strength up again, to start writing again.

I Love You All x

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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