Panic Attacks

Hello Everyone!

The feeling of a panic attack, the closing of the chest, the shortness of the breath, the shaking of your hands. Your life flashes before your eyes, and you feel like you won’t make it out of this.

The chest pains of feeling like you are being stabbed, the sickness that lingers in your throat, the heart in mouth that stops you from speaking, the twisting of your stomach that you just can’t untangle.

The thing is, though even though when I have these my life feels like it will end, I’m not weak. Don’t ever assume I am weak because of this, because I face struggles every day, and to have the strength to carry on. I might be breaking on the outside, but on the inside am building my wall again.

I prefer to take my life as one panic attack at a time and see what my next steps are.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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