I Miss You

Hello Everyone!

Why did you leave my life? A question I ask regularly to myself. It was like you thought ‘She has a boyfriend, we can no longer be friends’ that is not the case!

You said we would still speak, yet I put an effort in when you did not. I may have not responded to all your texts, I wasn’t speaking to him, though, I was having a down day, a depressed day, a day where I felt like if anyone spoke to me, I would say something wrong a push them away. Look what I have done, though, I still managed to push you away.

I was scared this was going to happen, that when I got a boyfriend you would walk away. You say you never had a thing for me, I could see right through your lies. I thought you meeting him would make it better, you could see that I wanted to be friends with you both, that I did not want to lose anyone, but somehow, it never worked out like that.

We shared so many happy memories together, our note passing in lessons, the way I laughed at your awful puns, and when you asked me to prom you made me the happiest girl in the world. I thought no one would ask me. When I had my operation, you helped me to get around school, even when everyone teased you. All them memories, such happy ones, and now, they are just memories.

I miss you, I hope you know that.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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