The darkness, the emptiness that you feel. The feeling of nothing, yet the feeling of everything. The silence that you hear, yet that silence is becoming too loud. It’s a very weird feeling.

The silence that lingers in your head suddenly becomes too loud. You can’t take the noise anymore, but what noise is that? There is nothing there, but it’s getting louder and louder, and you can’t stop it. There are no voices, no sounds, no noises, nothing, but  yet you are screaming for it to stop, as you can’t stand it anymore.

The feeling, that feeling you get. The feeling of nothingness, but yet it fills you up and makes you feel sick. You feel nothing, yet everything, but you can’t describe what the feeling is because nothing is there making you feel like it.

You walk down the street, everyone talking about you, rushing around, yet you feel like you are standing still, being a problem. You think they are all looking at you, staring into your soul, talking about your state of mind, judging you on how you look, yet they are not. They are carrying on with their own lives, too busy to take interest in yours.

In your bedroom, you go down to your knees, crying, not understanding what is going on with you, and why you can’t be like everyone else. Your crying turns to sobbing, the sobbing goes to sniffles, then the sniffles go into silence. Still crying, but yet no sound or feeling. You lie on the floor, continuing to cry, but you are too emotionally drain to make any movement or sound. You close your eyes and hold on. Hold on to your last string, as tomorrow may have a surprise.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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