Hello Everyone!

Elephants never forget anything. I’m a human embodiment of an elephant (not physically, a little bit too skinny for that!), but I can’t forget the bad times.

Although I don’t remember everything, I will always remember the bad times. The times where you never want to go back to, when things got all a bit too much to handle. Just typing this, it brings back some memories that I don’t want to remeber, bad ones, dark ones. Times when I thought that I am better ending it all now, the secondary school memories, the moments in life where you really mucked up. I wish that my brain would forget it all.

All things happen for a reason they say, but surely me being what felt like stalking for 2 years of my life does not happen for a reason. Everyone is there saying, yes but it has made you stronger, you are wrong. It has made me emotionally and mentally unstable, and at times it takes over my brain again, where I can’t stop it.

If I were an elephant, I would stamp on everything that made me unhappy. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t, but that is beside the point here! I wish I could remember some helpful information, like how to pass you flaming GCSE maths exam! But no, I don’t, I remember the bad times, just my luck.

Elephants never forget anything, but sometimes they wish they could.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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