Okay and now that is out of my system.. Hello Everyone!

I don’t think stressful even begins to compensate how I feel. Tis the season and all that mumbo-jumbo, but I just can’t relax, like can’t stay still, but then I can’t unwind. So I thought I would write a little letter to my brain, and it goes like this.

Dear Chelsea’s Brain,

Would you make up your fucking mind on what you want to do? Kinda getting annoyed.

Love Chelsea’s Heart.

Short, simple and sweet. Wait. Should I say please and thank you in this? Maybe be a bit more polite? Okay, time for a re-write!

Dear Chelsea’s beautiful Brain,

Would you mind just calming down a little bit please, my tender heart is suffering at the moment, and it is getting on top of me. Thank you very much!

Love Chelsea’s damaged Heart.x

Okay, I think that is better!

All jokes aside, though, times are tough. ‘We all go through rubbish times’ is what every councillor in this world has said to me, and yes people do have it worse, but I’m still a human, and I deserve the right to feel okay once in a while. It’s not a simple thing to sort out, your brain is an organ, and it has an illness, and if you don’t get that treated with, you will become worse. Self-Help, or medical, any sort of help. Tomorrow is another day.

Happy Blogmas!

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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