Hello Everyone!

As I mentioned in my ‘Life Update’ post, I went to the hospital. That was a nice fun time, especially at 1am IN THE MORNING. Never been admitted to A&E night, and never do I want to again. Nothing serious just coughed up some blood and wanted to check out everything was okay.

Walked in, the receptionist was all fine, and then because I haven’t been to the hospital for ages my records were really out of date, so had to fill in forms. When I handed them back in and she saw the words Mental Health  she automatically said ‘Okay then, in the thought of our patient’s wellbeing, we would like you to wait in another waiting room, just in case’ Well thank you. That was so nice of you to consider everyone else’s feelings except mine, really thoughtful of you.

Just because I have Mental Health problems does not under any circumstance mean I’m going to go on a psychopathic rampage! Well after clarifying that I was, in fact, safe to sit in the normal waiting room as I was fine, she said to take a seat. So I sat there, and sat there, and sat there for a little bit longer. Then my name got called, so I thought ‘Yes I can be seen!’

Nope. I saw a nurse, and as lovely as she was, I saw her for all of 2 minutes to say what happened, and to check my blood pressure. It was high compared to my normal resting heart and all I could think was ‘Well no shit sherlock, I’m sitting in a waiting room trying not to have a meltdown’. I’m a big hypochondriac when I want to be, and thinking that I had something big wrong with me, of course, I would be panicking. she sent me back to the waiting room.

So once again I waited and waited, and eventually got called in. Baring in mind I had spent a good hour trying to hold in a panic attack, this Dr (who was genuinely nice to me) kept producing these wires up my nose, which ended me in just having a panic attack, as I could not deal with it anymore. He was very reassuring, saying that nothing was wrong, I just had a few blocked blood clots, and they were in my windpipe instead of my nose. After a good 10 minutes of crying, I calmed down enough to let him burst the vessel to let all the pressure out. I was then set free!! Chelsea was free elf!!!

So the moral of the story kids is 1) Don’t write down you have Mental Health problems & 2) There are some good people in this world. Or you know, just be a healthy human, that’s simpler.

Happy Blogmas!

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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