Mum & Dad

Hey Mum & Dad,

I wrote you a letter a while back, do you remember it? I thought I would follow on from it, give you a bit of an update on how I’m feeling now.

Shit could be a word that I could use, as that is where my life is heading right now, to the shits. You cradled your little girl 18 years ago, loving this bundle of joy, now you don’t know who I am. I hide things from you constantly, to protect you, if you knew the truth, you would not look at me the same way.

Your little girl keeps bringing back up her food by self-inducing because she feels fat. Your little girl is back to her self-harm ways, new scars are coming upon her body again. Your little girl keeps on having mental breakdowns because she can’t deal with her own life anymore.

‘Speak to us’ you say. Mum, I love you to pieces, but you said suicide was a cop out of life, and that you just got to put your depression behind you. Dad, your the best, but when you saw my drawings you said you would have sent me in a psychiatric hold. You see why I can’t?

I Love You x

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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