Hello Everyone!

O the joys of being on tablets, the things that rule you life. A lot of people think that taking tablets makes you ‘happy’ and ‘no longer depressed’ O how wrong are you.

Taking medication does not cure everything, its not a magic potion where BAM I’m better now! It helps, yes, but will never cure it. I was depressed 100%, now I’m depressed 85%, it will never eliminate all of it.

I always take the mick about me taking medication, I dont call it that or tablets, I call them my hardcore drugs. You may say your taking the mick out of people who have a genuine illness, and all of that, I have the illnesses, I hate them as much as the next person, but I have a happy go lucky personality when I want to, and it makes me feel better for calling them that.

I take them to help, but it will never cure. Maybe I should try to invent something that cures it all.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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