Childhood – Part 2

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my secondary school years life. This is where hell starts in my life. I was a very good child in years 7, 8 and 9, and then struck Year 10.

I kept on getting hit on by this guy, to which some girls would love, but to a point. This point was crossed and he was 2 fields across from that line. This made things get more difficult. Commence to self harming, as I could not control what him or the school would do to me, but I could control some of my pain. My school done nothing about him though. I started to fight back, I refused to do work, turned up in wrong uniform, and if a teacher asked me to do something that made me feel uncomfortable, I would just ask to go to the bathroom and never return.

Exams started to come along, things never got any better, I could not find one teacher who I could confide in, and tell them, and that is the worst. My grades got worse, I could never concentrate, and no one understood why. I used to get picked on by the teacher in my geography lessons. We would do mock exams, he would mark them, and then made us read them out in front of the class. I hated it. I always got a U, and when I walked into my final exam, he looked at me, with the look of you are going to fail. **Side note, got an F I think sir, so HA!**

YEar 11 came around the corner, repeat of Year 10, except was just walking out of classes, and was picking fights with teachers. Lost my friendship group, lost hope in my future, my parents where getting concerned of me, teachers started realising something was not right in me, and I was not just in the teenager stage anymore. unfortunately, I never got any help, as they saw this all to late, I was already down the road.

Part 3 will be the last part of my childhood, and consist of my 1st Year of College.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~


Have a picture of me in secondry school, look like a disgrace.. Thank you puberty!!

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