Childhood – Part One

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would make a post about my childhood, and what it was like growing up for me, a bit of a trip down memory lane.

The journey starts on the 19th September 1998, a Saturday morning where a beautiful baby girl was born (Although she did have scratch marks all over her face – Sorry Mum for not being photogenic!!)

Life as I remember was always good growing up. I have always lived in the same town for my life, and only moved house once, and that was to the other side of my town. For 5v years of my life, I lived in a cupboard, and that is no exaggeration. My Mum and Dad will always remind me of this moment in my life, on the purpose that they had no where to put me! Love you Mum and Dad!!!!

I moved house in 2005, and everything was fine. I made friends with my neighbours pretty quickly, and life was always just how I imagined it. Then 2009 came along, my dad was sentenced for 3 months in jail. This was the second time he left us, I cant remember the first time, as I was only a toddler, but I remember this one, and it still affects me. Gossip was spread around our town, my Auntie bad mouthed my Dad so much, saying he was a bad bloke, and not to trust him. Yes he done wrong, but he tried to make it right, and it did not work.

Then came along secondary school.. I think we will leave it there for this post. Ill make another post on my secondary school life soon for you all!

~Monsters Living In My Mind~


Here, have a picture of little Chelsea playing in the snow!

One thought on “Childhood – Part One

  1. J E N N I F E R says:


    I’m loving your blog but I would also like to invite you to submit a short piece to my own. I think your perspective and style of writing would be a perfect piece for my project.

    It’d also be a great way to get your blog/writing out there.

    Please feel free to email me (jennifer@youngandtwenty) with more questions, or take a look at the ‘BEING Young & Twenty’ page on my blog.

    I hope I’ll hear from you 🙂



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