Hello Everyone!

I am now 18, so in the eyes of the law and government, I am now an adult, someone who should be capable of looking after themselves. There is a key word in that sentence, should. I cant even make beans on toast without burning something, and the worst thing about that, its not the toast, I burn the beans!!

Looking after myself is a mission and a half, considering when I wake up in the morning I have zero motivation for the day ahead, and not in the teenage way. The way of a depressed person, wishing this would end so they dont have to face another day of trying to smile.

Being 18 has both pros and cons, sometimes I love it as I get to make my own choices and have a right to my voice my opinions. Then the cons bring along looking after yourself, and being responsible. As I clarified above, I cant look after beans, let alone myself!

I’m doing it though, I’m being an adult. Sometimes its hard, other times I can do it, and that’s the way it will go.

18 years, and still going strong.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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