Hello Everyone!

Hiding. Hiding your conditions takes quite a lot of talent. To smile through your pain, to hide the scars upon your body with clothing, to keep calm while your heart is beating out of your chest.

That grade C I got in Drama is definitely coming in useful i have to say. Trying to smile through your pain is hard, but you do it, when they say are you okay, you say I’m fine, because it saves you having to explain the emptiness inside of you.

Them scars that are on your wrist, you try to hide them because although they mean something to you, to others it is a cry for attention. May I just say though..

Yes. It is a cry for attention. Well done you!!! Here is a gold star for working it out! We self harm for attention because guess what?! We cant tell you. No matter how hard it gets, we just cant. And you sit there and say we are attention seeking and following the trends, and trying to act cool. You can tell who is doing it because they are wanting to be ‘cool’ whereas people who are genuinely hurting do everything afterwards to hide them, or makes up excuses of how they got there.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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