Hello Everyone!

College, we meet again. I would say we ended on good terms, but I would be lying, we ended on pretty bad terms, and today, first day back, we started things of on a bad foot.

Got off the bus, hugged Rhi, and then had a sudden wave of panic, my heart starting to race, my hands slowly clenching up, and getting all slurred into my words. I saw the tennis grounds, the place when I cried down the phone to my nurse, saying that I cant cope, and that I’m going to give up.

I walked into the college room, to be greeted by some of my class and some year 12’s, as I looked to my left, I felt like I could be sick on butterfly’s. We were meant to be going to the forest, which I was looking forward too, as I cant stand being inside, to then be told no more than 10 minutes later that it was cancelled.

A massive hit to me, I like knowing how my day is going to consist of, now what was I going to do. Slowly I drove myself insane. Me and Rhi said that we would go into town, have a hot chocolate and chat for a while. My dad was luckily around the area so picked us up 2 hours later.

And do you know the best thing? Throughout all of this, I carried on smiling, like nothing was bothering me. Got a grade C in Drama, putting it to good use.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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