Hello Everyone!

CBT, something that I had never heard of until July 2016. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT for short, helps train your brain into think more positive thoughts, and trying to eliminate the negative ones. Sometimes it can work, other times, maybe not.

See the thing is breathing can not cure depression, I wish it could. Yeah it helps to eliminate my bad thoughts, but it doesn’t help with my motivation, and my will to live. Breathing will not help me to get over me eating and then fasting. Its not easy trying to train your brain, but do not get me wrong, CBT does help you, I have taken a lot of my sessions.

I have learnt how to train my brain to not self harm as often as I ever did, and not to thinking about suicide at the first chance I get. I have learnt than when in a panic attack, that I need to control my breathing, as this will make me feel like I’m in more control. I have learnt to trust people, as some people out there do genuinely want to help you.

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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