Trying To Escape

Hello Everyone!

Long time, no blog post. I have reasons for this, reasons that I wont be sharing, but my battle with Mental Health is still going strong.

I’m trying to escape. Not from my house, nor anything else like that, I’m trying to escape from my mind. The mind that is ridden with Anxiety and Depression. The mind that hates the way I look. The mind that tells me that I should self harm, or that why dont I just die, as life would be simpler.

I was speaking to someone, and they said ‘Cant you just distract yourself? Like your on summer holidays now, let your brain take a break’ I wish I could. I really do. You cant just switch off these problems though, there is no on/off switch for this, no matter how much I would like one.

When I try to escape, they just drag me back in, I go back to square one, feeling very poop! I hope one day I can escape my mind, that would be nice wouldn’t it?

~Monsters Living In My Mind~

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