Dear 21 Year Old Me

Hi future Chelsea,

How are you? I hope you are doing good, I hope you feel a lot better than what you did when you were 17.

Do you remember how you felt? Do you remember what your daily struggles were? Do you remember the happy times you had?

You felt lost, alone and scared, like no one in this world was on your side, and that you just needed to escape from the world you were in. Has this changed?

You struggled to put on that same upbeat smile everyday, some days it was such an effort just to get out of your bed, that you would lay there for an extra 20 minutes, hoping and wishing that you could find the strength to not have to keep convincing yourself. Has this changed?

Remember when you went shopping with Rhiannon? You loved going around primark with her, choosing an outfit, just letting no worries get in your way. Remember when you met Rhys for the first time, you could not keep a smile of your face, and that was a genuine one?

I hope things have changed now you are 21, and that you have found your feet, and that all your wishes that you made upon a star have come true..

Love past Chelsea, holding on and waiting for things to get better x

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