Hi Rhiannon,

Its your friend here, Chelsea, you know, the one who is completley insane and likes to cry on you quite a lot? Yeah you know the one!

I met you Septmeber 2015, the first day of college. We did not speak much to begin with, but now, you cant stop us when we are together!

Do you rember how we became friends? We were in the forest with our class, doing a forest school training, and we done a trust exercise. One of us blind folded, and the other one the guide. I had to lay a lot of conifdence in you, because for yet you know, I have Anxiety, and hate laying trust in others. For some reason though, I trusted you, be that instinct or just me feeling brave that day. That is where things really started for us.

Since then, things have just clicked, and all fallen into place. You have taught me to have confidence going near your pony, Duke, and getting him to give me kisses even if I did step 20 paces back!

We have been to see movies together, go to little cafes, shopping adventures and a whole lot more. I dont know what drew me towards you, I thought you looked pretty, your dress sence was amazing, and you had the same sence of humour as me.

You never judged me on any of my medical cases, you treated me as the Chelsea I want other people to see, the one who wants to be free of her mind, the one who wants to get the monsters out of her mind (See what I did there 😉

I just wanted to say thank you Rhiannon, for all the crap you have put up with me going through, you truly are a keeper. Love you x

Your friend, Chelsea xx

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